ZWave Controller or Binding Issue?

I’ve been slowly testing OH2 on my Windows laptop successfully now getting a light switch and an Aeon RGBW bulb to work.

In testing i removed the ZWave item from my Aeontec controller to a separate UZB1 controller. And on my Windows machine, when testing OH2 and Zwave, Habmin2 appears correct and both my light switch and RGBW light were added and I can control them.

Now when I move the UZB1 controller back to my basement server running Ubuntu as a VM, OH2 and Habmin doesn’t show the Zwave Devices? On the Ubuntu VM, I have the controller set for port /dev/ttyACM0 and the device shows with a green checkmark so I think that is correct. But I have no other nodes showing up for the devices already connected to the controller? Am I possibly doing something wrong?

Would distance have to do anything? The server is only 1 floor below in the basement. But since it is already added to the controller, I don’t think that would make any difference to OH2?

The stick holds the list of devices that are included in the network. You should be able to move this from one computer to the next, start the binding, and it should show the list of nodes… If you check the log, you should see this list even if the stick can’t communicate with the device (for example if it’s out of range). However, if it’s out of range, then it won’t show up in OH2 since OH2 only lists the device (currently at least) after it has discovered what type the device is (which requires it to communicate with the device).

I would check the log - the logs are your friend :wink:

Thanks Chris,

You explained it exactly as I thought it worked as well. I see in logs a number of Dead Nodes although I only have 2 items configured currently to it. I think thats because of past device testing and I’m not sure yet to reset this UZB1 stick.

So, I’m seeing ‘Timeout’ while sending to Nodes 6 and 7, which I think are the 2 items currently configured with the controller.

I’ve also ‘moved’ the stick from the Ubuntu VM to Windows VM to mirror when laptop testing around the home and same thing. So all I can think is possibly distance? But its only about 50 feed away in the basement so really not that far away.

When I get home tonight, I can move one item, the RGBW bulb down to my basement later as well right next to it and see if that helps.

You should be able to do it in HABmin - select the controller, click on the tools menu, select Advanced, and you should have options for hard and soft reset.

Hmmm - 50 feet might be tight - it depends on what’s in between. If it’s a timber framed house, it should be ok, but brick/concrete, and maybe not…

Typical timber framed house. But my server is in basement corner with the stick behind it thus against a concrete wall. Its probably more like to 20 feet away and just down 1 floor so really not that far away across the house.

I’ll test it out tonight again and report back. It could be an issue with the USB pass through to the VM, but things look ok there from what I can see.