Zwave Controller showing up in things but not in inbox

Im running openhab 2.4.0-1 on a Rasberry Pi3.

Steps I have done so far…

Add ons Ive installed the bindings for z wave.

Ive now told openhab where my Zwave controller is and it is showing that is online in the configuration section. When I click on the controller it shows some config settings

When I click search for things in inbox it then says things not found search manually but I have already added it and says online in the config section.

I am certain that I have already told it using the correct port. I also ran /dev/tty* with and without it plugged in to make sure I had the right port but the mere fact that it’s showing online means I have the right port.

I don’t understand why it shows up in the config-Things menu but won’t show up in my inbox.

My USB stick is flashing blue orange red.

I feel like I’m going round in circles right now.

Do you have any devices in the zwave network connected to the controller? It does not appear in the Inbox because IH has already discovered it and created a Thing.

Ok, That makes sense.

Curently no devices.

I have bought and installed a Qubino flash dimmer. Which will be my next step to bring into the network after Im sure the controller is working properly.

The only other thing is the contoller also doesn’t show up in my control panel like shown in the example below or will it not show up until ive added another device to the network.

Example from a you tube tutorial.

The PaperUI is just for administration. You need to setup a sitemap and use the BasicUI or use HABPanel for normal contro.
There is nothing to adjust on the controller normally so it does not show up there only Items are used for control. The controller is a Thing.

Ok Great. So it seems I am on the right track. Thanks bruce.
Looks like I’ve got some more reading to do. :slight_smile:

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