Zwave database access

I have a new zwave switch from Jasco, it’s the ultra pro brand and not currently in the database. I put in a ticket to request database access a few days ago but no reply yet. Does anyone know how long that usually takes? I would like to add this switch and a dimmer I bought which I’m guessing is also not presently in the database.

Normally it is pretty quick. Have you logged in and seen if the create device message is there? Maybe the work was done, but the ticket was not updated

Just double checked and no create device option yet.

It’s 3am Sunday in NZ, so if today, it won’t be for a while. Could do a ticket update as a reminder

Happened to see an added Jasco device. Don’t forget you need to manually add parameters, the association groups and the attachments after uploading the XML. Figured it was WIP, but just in case.

Yep got access and created the device, but still need to fill in everything. The site is not allowing me to upload a manual so I’ll have to put another ticket in I guess. Photo went through fine, but manual just doesn’t upload.