Zwave Database Addition Needed?

I have a AeonTec Recessed Door Sensor coming in the mail today, and figure to keep testing and getting more comfortable with it.

That Recessed Door Sensor is this one here with Model of ZW089-A

I see in the Zwave Device List for OH2, an existing ZW089 but no -A and that is listed as a “Simple_Garage_Door” But I think they may be the same device?

The -A is just the region. I guess this just needs some extra codes added (type and ID) - can you provide this please and I’ll update the record.


Ok, I’ll try and get that installed when later tonight or this week first chance I get. This hobby becomes addicting and slowly get expensive too when you start to add it all up!

I’l first try and add it into my existing OH1 setup first as well to generate the XML info.

That should be the same device I have, and it is working well. The Garage door thing threw me at first too, but I ignored it, and it works great.

Don’t worry about this - it’s just a name and isn’t used for anything. I will change it at some stage, but as it’s linked to some other parts of the code, I need to be a little careful when…