Zwave database update question

I understand the best way to update the zwave database is to simply remove and re-install the binding. The question I have, in doing this will it affect the channel names given to the items? Just need to know if I can do this when I have a few minutes available or will I need to devote more time to updating the database (if I have to go in a edit all my .item files with new channel names.)

No - updating the binding won’t impact the device definition since that is set when the thing is created.

Thanks Chris (as always)!

Hi Chris,

Just purchased a Yrd256 Assure Lock SL with a w Z-Wave Plus YRMW2-US module.

This Device is not in OpenHab Zwave Database.

I Visited the site and reviewed the process to submit it to the DB, however there appears to be no Optoin drop down to add the device settings.

I assume it like an existing profile.

Can you help me get my lock setup?

I guess you missed in your review that I need to update your access so you can edit. I will do this later.

Chris -I sent over my XML file for this. Not entirely sure I did it correctly, prior to the 2.4 openhabian update I wasn’t able to see the XML file. I’ve copied and pasted what I found under that node into your site. Let me know if I did something incorrectly, this is my first submit.

Although device is in the database, something is still off. Doesn’t function via zwave and has lots of errors.