Zwave Deadbolt - Replace AA with 18650?

I have 3 Kwikset 914 locks that use 4xAA batteries. Could I safely use some 18650 batteries to help with power/voltage/runtime between swaps VS the AAs? I only get a month about on the AA’s, and with the added capacity of the 18650 with a 3d printed case mounted above the lock, I should get more time between replacement/charging. Anyone know the voltage tolerances of the Kwikset? i am aware that 4xAA @1.5v = 6v and each 18650 is around 4v ± … would the twinset fry at 8v ± from 2x 18650?

While I don’t have this model I do have a couple of Kwickset deadbolts. I’m also not using zwave with them but they do get used several times a day (i.e. opened and closed using battery power) and they last for 6-8 months on the 4 AA. I’m thinking something is odd. It shouldn’t consume batteries that fast.

Do you have your zwave polling period really short or something like that?

I don’t know the tolerances of the lock but I’d be surprised if it could take 8v. Typically these devices are better able to handle under voltages, not over voltages. I’m not even sure where I would look to find out but frankly, I would contact Kwickset and ask because the batteries should last a whole lot longer than that. But if you are going to all the trouble of building a case you could include a circuit to drop the 8v to 6v and be happy, though you will want to watch out for heat.

polling is set to 0 first thing I checked. agreed on the voltage buck… add a little display as well while i am there :slight_smile:

maybe I can output the voltage to a graph? does it report accurate voltage or just buckets?.