Zwave detects things that are manually configured

hey - since

is still Open - I guess manually created zwave things still dont support config parameter changes?

Yes, unfortunately that’s correct.

Hi @chris,
any plan to release the .things textual configuration into the masters?
Maybe into 2.2?

It certainly won’t be merged into 2.2 - I won’t be making any further changes other than database updates before 2.2 is released. I might look at this after the 2.2 release…

Hi @chris,
It’s a shame that one of the most important bindings does not support textual configuration (and therefore is not fully compliant with OH guidelines).
Actually, if I am not wrong, it’s the only binding that does not support full textual configuration.

If I may, please reconsider your schedule and apply this change into master as earliest as possible.

thanks for your work

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I’ve already said that I will not merge it into 2.2 - sorry, but I won’t change this as the timescale is too short and if there are any problems there will be no time to resolve them. As said, I will look at it after the 2.2 release.

Why worry so much about this? PaperUI or HABmin config works without any issues. Only because you personally may prefer textual configs should not lead to the need of rushing things …

Hi @sihui,
textual configuration is part of the specifications for a binding to be compliant.
So it’s not a question of preference but of compliance.
(Besides, personally I use openhab with text configurations.)

And regarding the rush, if you read the whole thread (and others on the matter), Chris has been aware of the lack of this feature since september 2016 (Zwave .things file syntax) and promised to fix it.

So I am not rushing anybody, as I really appreciate @chris effort in the development and maintenance of the binding, but I am just asking, if possible, to develop a feature that is missing.

As was stated, the feature is available in the development version. If you require this then please feel free to use the 2.2 snapshot version. It is available right now and it works fine.

This in not something that was purposely omitted just to annoy people. There was a over the split between properties and configuration with ESH. There is an open issue to solve this in ESH - if that is fixed it would also allow this feature to work.

Hi Chris,
I know very well the history of the issue.
I was just replying to sihui.

But there is something that I am missing: you say that if I use 2.2 snapshot the feature is available. But then when upgrading to 2.2 stable I will miss it?

Also, I am using openhabian, how can I use the 2.2 snapshot?

And finally, but if the feature is availble in the 2.2 snapshot, why it will not be part of the 2.2 stable?

Maybe some stupid questions, but will help me understand :slight_smile:


Well, you can continue to use the same version. If you use the master branch, then yes, you will loose this feature.

Please see the following thread. There are installation instructions in the top few messages.

As said previously, it is not in the master branch, so is not in the nightly snapshot - it’s in the development branch. Please see the thread above for installation. Since it’s not in the master branch, it is not in the snapshot, and will therefore not be in the stable release.

Hi @chris
with the release of OH 2.3, is the textual configuration for ZWAVE finally part of the master branch?


No - it will be added to the master soon and will be part of 2.4.

ah ok.


Hi @Chris,
with the merge of Development Branch into Master, will the textual configuration for ZWAVE be released with 2.4?
(I ask this because could not find this feature in the huge list of changes.)


The development branch was merged a week or two back so all development features are now available.

@chris , Excellent.
Where can I find the syntax for the things text-definition?
Can you provide an example for text configuration?

In the documentation ( it seems that we should provide a lot of mandatory information (manufacturer,deviceid, devicetype, etc) that it’s redundant.

Can you please clarify?
thanks a lot.

Please see this link, it provides a full example -:

It might well be that the documentation is incorrect - I’m not sure that the ids etc are required as you simply need to set the correct thing type and this is your responsibility. If you find errors, then please provide a PR so we can get this corrected. (thanks).

But for manual Things still Config Parameters can Not be changed via UI?
Or can Config Parameters be set when Creating the manual thing?


Correct - it is not possible to configure the ZWave device if you use manual thing configuration. This is a feature that is still not available in ESH.