Zwave Dev branch: multi_instance_association problem is back

(vossivossi) #21

Maybe this might be an explanation. When the node was not included right before the binding won’t find associations and then sets it - ok. But it seems that the binding is not able to distinguish between a correctly set multi instance association and an “incorrect” set association. So whenever it seems to find any kind of association it will do nothing.
That is why I was referring to inclusion as in this case the multi instance associations are always set correctly.

(Chris Jackson) #22

The development version is not currently handling the mulit-channel associations correctly during initialisation. This is what we established recently and it needs to be looked at still.

(vossivossi) #23

Yes, and in order to get the nodes initialised properly at the moment my workaround is to include them fresh with the snapshot (which will set the associations correctly). But of course a fix for this in dev branch would be good.

(Chris Jackson) #24