Zwave device not creating xml file for ZD2105, but it is in the database and is included

Hi everyone,

I’m using OpenHab 3.0.1, release version, but with this snapshot binding per recommendation in another issue, after another device in the database wasn’t being recognized.

I’m attempting to add the ZD2105US-5 recessed door/window sensor. It was sold by Monoprice, but appears to be manufactured by Vision Security. I’m able to include it, it gets recognized as a device with the correct name, the channels are created, but linked items don’t generate events. Looking in /var/lib/openhab/zwave, I don’t see a corresponding node file.

Would anybody be able to have a look and give me a nudge in the right direction?

This is key. That means the device has not been fully discovered by the binding.Devices are required to respond with their firmware information after receiving a NIF (Node Information Frame) but many battery operated devices fo to sleep first. OH puts this information into the xml file regardless of whether the device exists in the database.

I have sometimes had some success deleting the Thing from OH ( do NOT exclude from the network) and re-dicsocering & adding to OH, waking up the device many times until the xml file appears.

For some other cheap Chinese devices I have had to actually exclude from the network, factory reset the device, & then include to get it functioning properly.

EDIT: Using the log viewer, it appears that device may have just finished discovery, Perhaps you were testing before discovery was complete.

@Bruce_Osborne that was it! I didn’t realize that a device being recognized and creating an XML file happened asynchronously.

I must have been closing the device’s cover too quickly all the other times I tried. This also fixed an issue I had with two other devices.

Thanks, as always!

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You may want to bookmark the log viewer for future reference.Right at the end of the log it indicated discovery was complete.

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