Zwave device(s) known but xml is not created (even after days)

I have already two Door/Window Sensor NAS-DS01Z Type 0003:1082 in the zwave network (Razberry Controller), working well.
Now I got six more, same type, which are discovered correctly but the interview (no NIF) does not get finished so no xml files are created hence lifeline to controller, wakeup inteval and wakeup node are not updated and saved.
I already excluded them and re-included one but no improvement. Manually waking up the sensor does not change anything.
I have to mention that the first two were already known to the controller when I still used the z-way binding. I removed z-way altogether and stopped the z-way service then successfully included the first two sensors using the zwave binding. But the new devices still do not work, although discovered correctly …
I am running out of ideas now what to try and would appreciate any tips how the get the six new ones running.
Many thanks!

Yes it does, just try it again and again and again …

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That means the device has not responded to the Node Information Frame request as required by the Z-Wave standard.

Either the battery operated device needs to be woken up repeatedly or it is defective.


Thank you for your replies.
So I will try again (and again …) to wake up the sensor. I don’t (want to) think they are all defective.
I just wondered whether there could be any other issue which causes this. Since the first two devices got included so smoothly I expected there is something I could look into for the other ones (?).
The xml files cannot be generated manually I understand, can they?
Thanks again.

I have had my own battles with the cheap Chinese Neo CoolCam sensors over the years. I now buy other brands.

No, won’t work. Wake this crap devices up again and again. I bought one of these and will never buy one again.

No. they contain information directly from the device firmware. In fact that information us used as a basis for the binding database entries.

I have the same problem.
Did you get the way to solve it?


  1. use a brand new battery (important). The weaker the battery the nearer you have to be.
  2. set the zwave controller to high power inclusion
  3. use a power bank in case to get as near as possible with your raspberry.
  4. reset or exclude if already included
  5. include the sensor as intended and wait before it pops up in your inbox
  6. in most of the cases the inclusion is not finished. Wake the device up by clicking the button every 1-2 seconds or triple click. Do not factory reset again as you will just create a dead node. Sooner or later you will be successful.

Nevertheless I have issues with 2.5.10 and the Neos as they do not report the battery state currently.

I finally found out from a user’s post here that I used a wrong wake-up method (the sensors’ manual doesn’t clearly describe it as far as I can say).
Instead of pressing the sensor button just once the correct wake-up method is to press it three times quickly (wihin 1.5 seconds to my understanding). Repeating this several times with the sensors close to the controller finally completed the interview and all sensors were identified correctly.
Since then the open/closed singnal is working flawlessly and fast. The battery level however (as frankie.delure says above) seems not to be correctly shown but I can live with that.
Hope this helps

@sihui, Bruce_Osborne
thanks again for your comments which brought me on the right track to verify the wake-up method.

take care


Thank you very much for tip.
This is really solved the problem, all my sensors now are detected and working well!