ZWave device unknown doesnt display parameters?

hi all,

Ive encountered this in the past, where the device was coming up unknown (battery) and the version, firmware etc etc was not visible in PaperUI/Habmin.

Does anyone know what to do if this data is not present? Hard to add to a database without that.


You need to wake up the device so that it can be discovered.

And if I did that about 20 times and left it over night? :slight_smile:

I have some devices, including Wallmotes at a site far away. I’m going back to set them up, and preparing for the worst as thats what I encountered last time.

Yeah just keep waking it up. Find the documention on the interwez and make sure you are doing it correctly. Leaving it overnight will not help.

Go here.

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@dastrix80 I forget which version of openHAB and zwave binding you’re running.

In recent openHAB snapshot releases, there appears to be a framework issue that causes the zwave binding’s receive thread to throw an exception during inclusion (and heal), then exit silently (i.e. there’s nothing in openhab.log). You can only see evidence of it if you have the karaf console open at the time. There’s a fix for it in the latest zwave binding.

What seemed to work for me was to restart the zwave binding from the Karaf console.

Hi mate I’m on 2.4.0 stable. Binding is about a month old. I’ll put the latest one on. Thanks for the tips people - I shall try a few suggestions. It’s a difficult one as im 3hrs drive from where it is.

Ok, then you wouldn’t be affected by the issue I posted above.

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