ZWave devices going offline at startup

I have a fresh install of OH3 with a Gen5+ ZStick on a Pi 3B+. It was time for a fresh install with a new Z-Stick (upgraded 5 to 5+) and a new SD card. All of the devices remained the same. I factory reset them and included them each on the new ZStick.

Oddly on reboot, however, the ZWave devices all go offline and get marked as OFFLINE then DEAD until I physically touch each switch. Then after a certain time they go dead again. Please take a look at nodes 30, 31, 32, 33 for example. There is clearly some kind of timeout happening. The devices are different manufacturers and models.

Can anyone give me a hand here about a way to proceed? I’m at a loss.

events.log (47.5 KB)
openhab.log (845.8 KB)

@chris have you ever seen this or have any idea why it would be happening? I’m on the release version (3.0.2).

It seems the devices do not respond to the poll, so I guess that the binding marks them as unreachable. This initialisation has been the same for a long, long time. You say that you have a fresh install, but you don’t saw what the previous install was, however I don’t think it will have changed and pretty much every command sent is timing out.

Use a zniffer.

If it is not obvious in the zniffer logs what the issue is I am happy to take a look.

I decided to swap out my pi for another one on a whim, and everything
worked afterwards. Same SD card, same Z-Stick. Is it a fluke? Maybe. I’m
afraid to reboot to find out though!


I spoke too soon. I’ll try zniffer and post my logs. I can use a spare Z-Stick, right?