Zwave devices mysteriously now offline

I’m running OH 2.5 on an RPi4 and over the last few days, I’ve noticed 3 of my z wave devices are showing as “offline”. I’ve disabled/enabled them. Cleaned the cache restarted the service and. None of that has had any affect. Two of them are an Aeotec dimmer switch and GDC and a GoControl bulb. Any ideas?

Follow the binding documentation and gathering debug logs is always a good idea. That is why it is documented. :wink:

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I ended up just going through the exclusion/inclusion with the devices. If it happens again, I’ll put the effort into debugging.
Thanks for the reply though.

I hope the exclusions worked and the network does not have ghost or zombie nodes. The can cause their own network issues.

I did go through the process of exclusion first and the devices responded as the docs say they should when being excluded, so I should have no ghost nodes.

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My experience with 2 different Z-Wave controllers is that they sometimes still keep the node :frowning:

Indeed, one device, the Aeotec dimmer switch kept the same node number.