Zwave devices not working


i am running openhab 2.5.9 in container-station on a qnap. all working fine and after some dificulties i got installed my old zwave stick “zmeeuzb1” and this device also found my Aeotec Multisensor.
i created the items… but the output is always -NaN
all items are numbers except the motion sensor which is a switch…
i get no log info, only that when chaning something on the zwave config of the devices… and they keep online…
any idea ?

Z-Wave Node 003: ZW100 MultiSensor 6 ONLINE

ZW100 MultiSensor 6

Z-Wave Serial Controller ONLINE

Z-Wave Serial Controller

you may have to manually wake up that sensor 20-40 times for all items to register correctly. Most battery devices do not stay awake long enough to register all items. Bring sensor as close to your hub as possible, grab some munchies and a good book, and every couple minutes trigger a device wake up. Wait for it to check in, read a page or two, pop some Pringle’s in your mouth, and repeat.

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When the device has been fully discovered there will be an xml file in the zwave directory under userdata.

How did you create your Items, how did you link them to your zwave Thing?

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the xml file is there… 2 files:


i created a items-file based on the copied things parameter

Group gZwave

Number 	LuftfeuchtigZW100M6 	"Luftfeuchtig_ZW100_M6  [%d %unit%]" 	<humidity>  	(gZwave) 	{channel="zwave:device:bdc1b971:node3:sensor_relhumidity"}
Number 	TemperaturZW100M6 	"Temperatur_ZW100_M6 [%.1f %unit%]" 	<temperature> 	(gZwave) 	{channel="zwave:device:bdc1b971:node3:sensor_temperature"}
Number 	StrahlungZW100M6 		"Strahlung_ZW100_M6 [%.1f %unit%]" 		<none> 			(gZwave) 	{channel="zwave:device:bdc1b971:node3:sensor_luminance"}
Number 	UltravioletZW100M6 	"Ultraviolet_ZW100_M6 [%.1f %unit%]" 	<none> 			(gZwave) 	{channel="zwave:device:bdc1b971:node3:sensor_ultraviolet"}
Switch 	BewegungZW100M6 		"Bewegung_ZW100_M6 [%.1f %unit%]" 		<switch> 		(gZwave) 	{channel="zwave:device:bdc1b971:node3:alarm_motion"}

Shit meanwhile… doing nothing half a day… i get the values… like Andrew said… what a crazy f…

but regarding the log info nothing happens…
i found an article which said to add in the file

ZWave Logger = org.openhab.binding.zwave
log4j2.logger.ZWave.level = DEBUG
log4j2.logger.ZWave.additivity = false
log4j2.logger.ZWave.appenderRefs = zwave
log4j2.logger.ZWave.appenderRef.ZWave.ref = zwave

there were other lines with debug information…
but i could not aplicate them and now i dont find this article again… does this make sense?

Looks like part of the official documentation to me.

Sometimes the log viewer helps too.

I think you may want to take a look at the types of your zwave channels in PaperUI, and use appropriate Item types e.g. Number:Temperature etc.

Switch Items don’t have units and decimal places either, which might cause some display oddities.

you are right… the switch was wrong defined… the rest looks ok…

I think there is still more to it than that. Number type Items do not match number:temperature type channels well.