Zwave devices set as failed not work?

Hello together,

with some battery devices I got sometimes the problem they loose connection to the stick, so they went in inclusion mode again. Some others, like sensative stripes has to exchange against new if battery is empty.

Two things I had seen and have questions to the profis:

  1. If I mark those ghost devices as failed, that doesn’t work with openHAB (already saw in OH 2.5)
    If I do with zensys tool or zwave controller, it works. (Stick is aeotec 5)
  2. with zwave pc controller I’m able to use same node to reinclude if earlier set as failed. So Node will be the Same. Very convenient and no free nodes in row (didn’t know what will happen if 253 is reached, but lower like 5-20 are free again)

So 1) is a bug? Or do I make something wrong?

  1. would be a great feature, but maybe I cannot use, because failed devices never shown as failed in OH (they still come to inbox and always shown as online)

Maybe someone can help or explain if I make some mistakes :wink:

no worries, they’ll start over

how is range? How many overall nodes, how many mains powered, how many battery powered, rough site layout (how many floors ect.)

About 70 devices, about 20 are battery.

Most problems with danfoss LC-13 (have had between 15 and 35 routing neighbors always on)

10 of them, 1 running since beginning, 1 stuck about all 3 month, 2 others if battery fully empty, 1 today stucked with full batteries, had been included ca. 2019, one of the oldest.

But when such dead nodes I got traffic problems, so until not set to failed always need to stop OH, take usb to win pc to mark nodes as failed (and then delete) before plug to server and restart OH3

this is starting to smell like a feature request, maybe create an issue on the binding

It’s hard to understand what the issue is here. You should never need to exclude and reinclude the device under such circumstances.

What makes you think they are failed? I don’t really understand what the issue is - sorry.

What does “stucked” mean? Please can you describe what is actually happening? What do the debug logs show?

Please can you describe what the feature request is?

Well, it’s shown as offline. And due to a failure in device I think: device lost connection and is reseted on its own. I can directly reinclude as new device.

If it’s shown offline and I use the function „set device as failed“ in openhab: it isn’t set to failed and went to online again for some time, then to offline this doesn’t work, but looks like implemented

I have some devices marked with zwave pc controller as failed, those are in inbox of openHAB and if added: shown online for some time instead of „failed“ then offline.

So maybe the status „set as failed“ missed in openHAB?

The other point to use node of failed device for new inclusion would be a feature request, but only makes sense if the function: set device as failed would work.

For some devices like sensative stripes with a lifetime battery you need to put The old one to garbage and include the new one (best on same node).

The debug logs I will activate some later and Test the set as failed this evening.

Is this just one device? Your first message seems to indicate that this is happening with multiple devices, and it seems very strange it multiple devices are failing. I would suspect there may be another reason.

It only works under some circumstances. So it’s not missing, but it not reliable. You can try to use it if you like.

The binding doesn’t support this and it’s not something I’m likely to add. In the 9 years I’ve been writing the binding, this has never been needed.

Sure, but these things have a 10 year battery life - right? So this isn’t very common thing to do, and given these devices have only been on the market around 5 years (from memory) this shouldn’t really be needed. You can always include again if needed and if it uses a different node id this really shouldn’t make a lot of difference - you just need to change the node id in the thing definition once every 10 years or so.

If you get to node 252, then it will use unused nodes again - this is not a problem.

Thanks. So the major point (Running out of nodes) will not happen.

The danfoss living connect (LC-13) only one left with first include. So more a Problem of device I think.

Those sensative: 10 years said by producer. :grinning: in real I had to change first after 2 years, the others show 10-25% after 3 years.

But fully fine, if you don‘t add those function.

So only left: if device is set to failed on controller successfully, should be shown as failed. (I have some, but oh showed online)

As you wrote: Am I able to change a node ID after inclusion in openHAB? Or did I misunderstood?

Ok, fair point. But even so, if you need to do this after 2, 3, 4… years, that’s still not very often. I thought from your original message that you had to rejoin devices quite often, so at least that’s not the case :slight_smile: .

No - you can’t change the ID - this comes from the controller. What I meant is that if you already have your thing definition with a certain node, then you just need to change the node id to the new node within your thing definition in the OH config.

Some of the LC-13 up to 4 times a year. But that’s no problem of openHAB. So if empty nodes will be re used all’s fine.