Zwave dimmer as volume knob

Hello, i have a Heatit zwave dimmer that has the value 1-100 sent as value

I want to send this to my LG tv as volume control. I cant seem to figure ir out via rule.

The volume item for the lg tv is also an dimmer item. Any thougts?

This is doable, Tho mind explaining what your intent is? There are a few ways to accomplish this, that are a bit different depending on what your goal is.

I want the dim value of 10 to represent a volume value of 10 on the tv.

Item Dimmervalue change to 10%
Send or translate to
Item Tvvalue either directly or 10= 5 on the tv.

rule "Zwave dimmer as volume knob"
	Item ZWave29DimmerKjokkenlampeSwitchDimmer received update


Dimmer   ZWave29DimmerKjokkenlampeSwitchDimmer   "Dimmer  [%d]"                   {channel="zwave:device:16954503:node29:switch_dimmer"}
Dimmer LG_TV0_Volume "Volume [%d]"           { channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:bbc21fd6-9e70-2150-fb7d-fea6cd041184:volume" }

OK here we go

rule "Test of zwave dimmer to volume"
        Item Z10_A_SWITCH_DIMMER received command
        val TargetVol = receivedCommand.toString
        sendCommand(echo_officeAball_Volume, TargetVol)

just tested it with my Zwave switch and an echo dot with same volume item type.

the receivedCommand is needed, otherwise you well be sending the LAST value of your zwave device before you sent the command. ReceivedCommand ensures you get the right value.

Thank you! I will be tweaking my settings on the zwave dimmer so that one “click” is 1 % or 1click.