ZWAVE Dongle no more recognized

As per the title.
I have an AEON GEn5 with a Raspberry PI 2
It has been running brilliantly until yesterday.
What I was trying to do was
-downloading needed packages to integrate alljoyn support (just downloaded not compiled yet)
-integrating my opensprinkler into openhab (at moment no success)

However after a reboot I had a couple of Java VM critical errors and then the ZWave binding is not anymore working:

In the log I cannot see any reference to NODEs being recognized :frowning:

If I put the stick in AEon’s sw tool or in Domoticz I can see that the network is still there…
Also I can see in /etc/zwave noden.xml files referring to the devices.

Any suggestions before reformatting the whole thing? :frowning: