ZWave export from new database

I intend to merge a database update today using the first export from the new database site. This export has been checked against the current binding by the database maintainers, so it should be ok. However, as nearly every file changes to update documentation links, and there are around 1100 devices, and each device exports two files (the thing definition, and the documentation) it’s difficult to be 100% sure we’ve not missed something :sunglasses:.

So, please be mindful of this. Changing the binding version won’t immediately start using the new database definitions, so any errors may not be immediately obvious, but please yell if you spot something strange and we’ll check it out.

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How often is the website documentation updated? Does that happen as part of the snapshot build process?

Sorry - I don’t know. You’d need to try and follow through the various CI tasks. It may only be when there’s a release, but I’m not sure.

OK The binding devices documentation would hopefully be updated before then. We’ll see, I guess.