Zwave fgr-222 and openhab 2.5.8

After update to 2.5.8 zwave Fgr222 Shutter from fibaro have problem, now if I sendCommand(80) now the Shutter going up and down 3 or 4 times then stop in some position not (80) , same if I sendCommand (UP), I recalibrate, I test also without positioning, reboot, clean the cache and also running grep list zwave for checking,… I reboot 3 time now. Any idea? Thanks

Hi @isoparme, uninstall and install the z-wave binding. It resolved my problems yesterday.

Perhaps deleting the Thing from OH ( do NOT exclude) and rediscovering / including would help too after the binding uninstall & reinstall.

thanks for info , so you clean cache and reboot ?

deleting the Thing yes, but i have some complex "zw095 Home energy meter setup ", whith paper ui , so i can’t store it before deleting ?

thanks for your help

Just deleting the Thing from openHAB and re-discovering / adding it keeps the same Thing ID, not breaking your Items.

Excluding & then re-including the Thing usually changes the Thing ID

ok thanks for the trick , the best way is to setup the things with file i things , but there is many many parameters , you use file or paper ui ?

I use Paper UI ( or HABmin) for Things but I personally prefer files for Items, Rules, & sitemaps.

Please note that if you use thing files you will not be able to configure the device. You will need to use other software to do this unfortunately. I’d really suggest to use the UI to define things to avoid this limitation.

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Thanks Chris, and yes even with UI or habmin is not so easy sometimes so I keep UI for that, taking some screen shots removing the item rebooting and add again for the moment the Shutter continue to move up and down when command is send(on frontail I see command comming randomly ) , even with Google home… Before 2.5.8 the bidding bidding was 2.5.2 and run perfectly, I Have a clowning image on nas but I try to fix this strange behavior

Deleting and rediscovering the Device Things is recommended sometimes to get the settings from the new binding.

ok , this is what i did this morning , whe see if ist ok , temporaly i desactivate positionning, just up and down , if it’s ok tomorrow i activate positionning

back from test, after removing the item and add again without clean cache or reboot its seems to be fine now , thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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