[zwave] Fibaro 212 Trigger alarm Condition for lights using openhab 1.8.3 manually

Hi ,
I have 25 fibaro 212 dimmers installed in the house. I would like to trigger alarm function manually. is there any way i trigger a general alarm event using openhab 1.8.3 to get all the lights to flash in the house?? There is a parameter 40 under configuration parameters on habmin which says load blink on alarm. But i’m not sure how to trigger such an event. It would be fantastic if i could trigger such an event so i could create a virtual switch and when turned create a rule to trigger alarm condition on all the lights. I am using openhab 1.8.3 and the zwave version is 1.8.3 as well.Any help would be greatly appreciated


The binding itself can’t generate notifications, so this is not possible with 1.8.3. It is something that I am looking at adding to OH2, but probably not OH1.

Many thanks Chris for your rapid response. It would be great if an event or even a manual button could trigger an alarm event. I have a power master alarm and so there is no binding so i cant directly integrate it with the flashing lights to force any intruders to scatter. I was thinking of achieving this through motion even generated by the cam to trigger openhab to send the alarm frame. Would be great if we could do that in Openhab 2 as i agree that it is the logical place to implement. Would you know when you would look to do it and is there any way to subscribe to updates done by you as i am eagerly awaiting this feature. Thanks again.


It is planned and there is the following issue for it…

aah Thanks mate. Glad that its not too much work. Hopefully you magically find some spare time soon.

Cheers again Chris. Much appreciated.