Zwave Fibaro 2x Relay - no power meter

I’ve seen this thread (Zwave meter keeps timing out) about looking at a device that didn’t put out it’s power information. I’d like to have a look at mine, but I don’t seem to be getting this information on my openhabianpi system with an aeotec stick.

I have logs, but they’re quite long. I saw that theres a log viewer, but it did seem to be offline.

We’re changing internet provider today so the site has been a bit up and down. I think we’re up at the moment, but I suspect there will be one more short (hopefully!) outage at some point this afternoon then things should be a lot more stable.

Hi thanks…yeah I saw it come up later.

In your log viewer what are the messages I need to look for to see the controller (?) ask for power meter readings?

It’s this sort of thing -:

This is a request of a dimmer - the 15 on the left is the node number (you can filter out nodes in the FILTER tab). Then you have the transmit, and 3 received messages. The second 15 after the SendData is not linked to the node - this is related to transaction numbering - so we know all these 3 messages are linked…

The last message is the data coming back from the device…

In an hour of logging, I should expect to see a power meter reading at least once? I don’t seem to. It doesn’t affect the function. But seeing the readings appeals to the geek in me.

This chap seems to have a similar issue: FGRGBW-441 METER command class support

On OH2 - where would i find the XML? Are these the nodeX.xml files that appear in the run time folders?

The items are linked to the thing, but my device doesn’t seem to be putting anything out (hence the questions about what do the messages look like).

It’s in the userdata/zwave folder.

Then probably the device is not configured correctly? I would check the associations and any configuration parameters that are linked to the delta change, or time between updates.

So for whatever reason my openhab system locked up (openhabianpi) and needed a reboot. And lo and behold when it came back up the power meter started working. Go figure.

Now I want more than one relay so I can power meter all the things. Thanks for costing me lots of $$$. :joy: