Zwave Fibaro FGS-223

I use a fibaro FGS-223 with Openhab2 and AEON Stick Gen5.
It works fine but second channel doesn’t send information about power and energy meter.
Do you know this problem?
I can help you to find a solution?
Best regards

I’d first suggest confirming that nothing is being sent by getting a debug log. Check with the log viewer that it’s definately not sending - if it’s not, then I guess it must be a config issue with the device (probably anyway). If it is sending, but the binding isn’t decoding, then it might be a problem with the database or binding…

I have almost the same setup, OH2 (but with zwave binding 1.9), zstick gen 5 and fgs-223.
I get reports of power and energy from both channels.

BUT, I do not get status updates (when pressing physical Button nothing happens in OH2) from Channel 2…have not looked into it very much yet though.

I use default parameters.

My items refer to Channel 1 as 10 (zwave Id) and Channel 2 as 10:2.

I excluded and re-included my FGS-223 but still no change.
I figured I could just use the power meter in my case as a indicator if the device is on or off and use that in a rule to update status of the item.
It’s a workaround but will probably be enough for the time being.

@temuccio Are you sure you have set up the correct associations? (i.e the openhabcontroller).

I have upgrade with last openhab-offline on raspbian and now it’s works fine.
The version on zwave bindings are upgrate from .SNAPSHOT to .b4.