Zwave - Fibaro FGWP101/102

Hi folks,

I have a question for the owners of this zwave wall plug.

7 properties can be configured, 3 of those are:

  1. Sensor (power)
  2. Electric meter (kWh)
  3. Electric meter (watts)

If I well understood, the first one is the old (OH1) “command=sensor_multilevel”.
The second should be the old (OH1) “command=meter”

is that correct? and what is the third? is is exactly the n.2 n watts instead of kWh?

Thanks for your support

I do not have this plug. But if you are looking for the channels, go into PaperUI> Configuration> Things and select the Thing. Under Channels, you will find the channel definition and a button to copy it to your clipboard and paste into an items file. Another way is to look into the device database. There were two others, but that was for the latest firmware… they might have different channels.

Thanks for your answer @5iver

I’ve found another thread about this piece:

I will follow there.
There are some discrepancies and I need to understand better the differences between the 3 properties.


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