Zwave Fibaro RGBW FRGBW not reporting status with latest snapshot

I just downloaded the latest Zwave 2.1 snapshot (march 31 as last nights didn’t build), and found that my Fibaro RGBW dimmer is not reporting anything anymore.

It used to report dimmer status as well as power METER reports. I can turn the LED’s up and down, and it creates the channels OK, but no reports.

I was using the released 2.0 binding, and it worked just fine, but I added some new devices to the database, and so switched to the 2.1 snapshot.

So far everything else seems to work, just not the previously fine FGRGBW dimmer module. Tried deleting the xml, and it reinitializes OK (I think).

Anyone else seen this?

@chris any idea?

I can send a debug log if it’s useful.


Please provide the logs and I’ll take a look - without that I’d just be guessing as to where the issue lies…

OK here is a log of node10 from openhab2 startup. at the end I turn on the white LED’s, then turn them off. Normally you would get power notifications, and a dimmer message from endpoint 0 (overall brightness).

The file is not an xml, its a text file, just added the extension so that I can upload it here.

node10.log.xml (756 KB)


Sorry, but please can you provide an unfiltered log - you’ve filtered out a lot of the useful stuff (ie all of the received data).

OK, here is an unfiltered log (zipped).

Same events.

Thanks. (494.8 KB)

Sorry (again) - I can’t seem to open it. I’ve renamed it to a ZIP, and then tried extracting it, but it doesn’t seem to be a log :frowning: . Do you want to email me the log direct - or open a ticket on my website and you can attach (nearly!) any size log without compressing etc.

No prob,

I’ll open a ticket.

Thanks (sorry for the hassle) - also - just note that you need to be logged in to see this menu…

Got it - thanks.

So, the log shows no data being received (I’m looking at node 10). There’s commands being sent out, and the device is responding ok, but no other data is being received.

This probably points to the device configuration not being correct - at a guess, possibly the association configuration is not set?

That’s what I thought, but it was working fine up until I switched to the 2.1 snapshot, both in 1.9 binding and 2.0 binding.

So I checked the associations, and they all are configured for Z Wave Controller (as they should be).

I could switch back to the 2.0 binding and see if it works again…

I assume this is unsolicited data you’re talking about - ie meter data that is sent every minute or whatever, and not data that is requested by the binding? If so, the binding can’t really do much if it’s not receiving anything…

The only other thing I can think of is if it’s related to multi-channel-associations as that’s about the only change between 2.0 and 2.1.

Can you delete the XML for node 10, and restart the binding and send me the log again once it’s initialised and I’ll see what the association is setting.

Well blow me down!. I’ve been messing with this for hours, and I decided to power everything down again, and reboot from scratch (not as easy as it sounds, the module is hard wired behind the TV) - and now it suddenly works!

Sorry to waste your time, it must have been some sort of glitch with changing to the new binding that finally got cleared. I’ll keep an eye on it for a while, see if the problem re-occurs, but for now the problem has gone as mysteriously as it arrived.

No problem - glad it’s working :slight_smile: .