Zwave Fortrezz MIMO2+

Hello Eveyone,

I’m trying to get a Fortrezz MIMO2+ working on OH2 with the latest zwave-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

When I include the device through PaperUI or Habmin it shows up in the list but it shows up as an unknown device but it dose generate a proper XML file in the zwave folder. Because its a unknown device, I do not get the ability to link channels through the UI.

So i’ve been trying to do it manually through and items file definition. Here is what I have:

Contact GarageDoor1Status “Garage Door 1 Status [%s]” { zwave=“3:1:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL” }
Contact GarageDoor2Status “Garage Door 2 Status [%s]” { zwave=“3:2:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL” }
Switch GarageDoor1Trigger “Garage Door 1 Trigger [MAP(]” { zwave=“3:3:command=SWITCH_BINARY”}
Switch GarageDoor2Trigger “Garage Door 2 Trigger [MAP(]” { zwave=“3:4:command=SWITCH_BINARY”}

Text item=GarageDoor1Status
Switch item=GarageDoor1Trigger
Text item=GarageDoor2Status
Switch item=GarageDoor2Trigger

But it dose not work. I believe that the above definitions are correct, which leads me to the following possibilities/questions.

  1. Can items that are unknown still be controlled? And if not how do I add this device to the database?

  2. The device might require secure inclusion. How do I determine if the device requires secure inclusion and has been included with secure inclusion? Is there a way to force secure inclusion mode through the UI or manually through an item definition?

Thank you all in advance!


The current version of the binding doesn’t provide security. If you want to use security, please see the following thread.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the fast response, yes I am using the lastest version of your binding, and its working properly with my Kwikset Deadbolt. Also thank you for all the hours you’ve put in to create this binding.

If I submit the node.xml file to the database how long dose it take for it to make it into the binding snapshot?

If you submit it tonight I will likely do an update tomorrow. Do you already have an account on the site? If not, please register and I’ll update your access so you can edit/add…


Thanks again!

So I’ve uploaded the node.xml to the database, then I updated most of the important data. Afterwards I exported the thing from the database and placed the exported xml file inside the folder containing all the other thing xml’s in the binding jar file.

I can now create channels through the Paper UI but still cannot control the device. I get the following error in the console: NODE 2: No command converter set for command zwave:device:51edbdd2:node2:switch_binary3 type OnOffType

I have also tried to add the device with forced secure inclusion as the device supports the security class with no success. Using secure inclusion the device shows up in the UI but does not generate a node xml file and cannot be controlled.

Any help on how to proceed would be appreciated!

This won’t do anything. The XML files from the database go into the binding. The XML files that you see in the zwave folder are totally different.

You need to update the binding to the latest version. If I remember correctly, you’re using the secure version - see a post I made yesterday in that thread with a link to a new binding.

Okay, I see that the MIMO2+ is now in the 2.2 binding SNAPSHOT but I’m using OH-2.1, can I use the 2.2 binding with OH-2.1?

Well after a few more hours of messing with this I found the issue, the exported xml thng configuration from the database website was being generate with improper command class names. The exported xml is missing “COMMAND_CLASS_” prefix, so instead of “COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_BINARY” its generated as “SWITCH_BINARY”. After fixing the names and placing the corrected xml files inside the binding jar file I can now control the device. And I’ve tested it with OH 2.1 and 2.2.