Zwave Gateway Binding without USB

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: ESXi / Docker
    • OS: Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
    • openHAB version: 2.2

Hey there
I just started with Openhab. Chromecast, Netatmo, Harmonyhub work like a charm.
Now in July i move to my new bought House. And i want to use a few Zwave Items (switches and Sensors mostly). My “Server Room” is in the Cellar, so dont want to plug any USB Dongle into the Server, cos the Wireless range will be very limited.
Now my question is:
Is there any Gateway or something with RJ45 plug to set up in the Center of the House?
I dont have a Problem with paying a bit more for a good Product with a good Openhab integration.


There are a couple of “USB over IP” solutions. As you are using Linux I unfortunately cannot recommend any special solution from own experience (I run on Windows) but there are threads on the forum on this.
I am actually using 3 USB Z-Sticks Gen5 from Aeon in my house which are all NOT connected directly to the OH server but linked via LAN or WLAN. I am using 3 Silex USB servers for this (DS510 and DS520AN) which are very stable in a Windows environment but I think they do not offer drivers for Linux(?).

I have used USB Extension adapters over cat5/6 cabling for a number of devices in the past, like printers and DVB-T adapters to Linux. I haven’t tried them with the z-stick though.

Why not just make your server a rasberry pi and plug it in upstairs?

Most Z-wave devices will route to form a ‘mesh’ of connected devices, where devices act as relays to commands, etc. These are typically called ‘neighbours’.

The dongle or controller will have a list of everyones neighbours and route accordingly.

This is a major selling point of the Z-wave system over other systems which need direct connections to each node or connected device.

If you are concerned devices will not route, you can buy a dedicated Z-wave extender designed specifically for this purpose. See how it works first would be my advice.

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What Psych said! ^^^^ The Mesh Network will make up for the Controller in the basement. I personally have my “server room” is in the basement as well. The only Z-wave device that reports that is not directly connected to the Controller is an upstairs light. And only one at that out of 30+ devices. You’ll be fine.

+2 for psych’s answer. I should have thought my answer through more. I have over 120 devices and my z-stick is also in a basement computer room. This is why I haven’t ever used the USB extender for the stick.

Yes, it is a major selling and marketing point. However the mesh system is not able to overcome some physical limitations. My experience was that in my old (wooden) house the mesh covered all the building. In my new house (with a lot of concrete and stones) the Z-Wave network was unreliable and had significant time lags (3 stores, large concrete floors and 120+ Z-Wave devices). I split it up into 3 subnets linkes by USB over IP and I am very pleased with the results. But of course, every body needs to test this in his special environment.

tl;dr get a RPi Zero W (or some other cheap SBC) and plug the controller into that and link it up to your server over TCP/IP.

Thanks a lot for your help!
That clears a lot for me.
Now i take a look to find a Zwave extender and a propper dongle.