Zwave (GET request) of powered Nodes every 30 minutes

Thanks. This shows that the pollingPeriod is not set, so it will use the default of 3600.

My guess is that there is a bug in the UI and it’s not saving this correctly

This ties up with the statement above - it doesn’t seem to be being saved by the UI - or when it is saved from the UI side, it is rejected by the core so it’s not stored.


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I will edit this later and let you know.

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I did edit the JSON using the put to add binding_pollperiod and verified with Zniffer 30 minute polls are no more, so I think what is going on has been answered. I have not rebooted, but expect the additions to stick.

As to why, I did upgrade to OH3 from OH2.5 in December using the openhabian script. I noticed, for me the changes to binding_pollperiod I made to “things” after the upgrade are included in the JSON. It was only the items transitioned to OH3. Still not a “why”, but simply editing the thing in the UI might be all that is needed.

I don’t know if I should add “solved”, but between @chris and @Dadman the cause and cure (or at least a workaround) are contained in this thread (IMO).


It can easily be checked and i will try it later.
I will edit the polling period in the ui and check if the configuration is updated. After a restart the log should contain the initialisation with the new period. Then its not a bug.
Otherwise i will edit the json by hand.

So i reconfigured all my devices from the UI. Just replace the last digit with the same number and save. (86400 -> 8640 -> 86400 -> Save) This causes an update to the jsonDB with the polling period.
The Log shows the initialisation of the devices with this period.
I will check the log tomorrow evening, but i am sure this will work.
Don’t know if this is an problem with adding new things or caused by the migration from OH2.5 to 3.0.
I will add a new device to my Z Wave network in the next two weeks and check this.

Thanks to all for the help!

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Update: I checked the log today an can confirm the polling every 30 minutes is gone. Function is normal for all devices.