Zwave Goodway in-wall switch

is this a good place to request the inclusion of the Goodway in-wall switch (id 0068:0003:0015:2.9) into the zwave database?
Here is the device website link:

I have the OH generated Xml file, if needed.

You could add it to the community maintained database and, yes, the xml file is needed. The guide is here.

Yes, that was my intention, but for some reason I don’t have access to editing mode (the “add device” button doesn’t show up). Am I missing something?

Did you open a ticket on the site like the Guide asked you to?

Yes I did

Did Chris close the ticket?

Not yet. I guess I’ll just wait…

He is in New Zealand now so timezones are likely different.

Yes, in the exact opposite side of the globe! (Italy). No rush anyway… Thanks!

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He just moved there from the UK.