Zwave Greewave

I had greewave switches working fine on OpenHab 2.0 on a windows install - I’ve now moved everything over to a dedicated Linux and OpenHab 2.1 but having issues. My Boiler Switch is still included, but the GreenWave switches, although are “found” aren’t recognised in the database anymore. Have devices been removed from the database between different versions? I have three, and none of them are working.

Devices should not have been removed - when you say thy aren’t recognised, exactly what do you mean?

Ideal, the man himself replied!

Before the were detected and recognised correctly - this time it was saying unknown device on all three of them.
I even deleted them from OpenHab and then went in a deleted them from the controller separately to make sure it was gone ready for inclusion.

Ok, but is it just saying unknown device, or does it also provide a bunch of numbers? What I’m trying to ascertain is if the device is being initialised, but then isn’t finding the thing type in the database, or if the initialisation is failing and it therefore doesn’t have the information required to even use the database.

What do the attributes section in PaperUI/HABmin show? Is there device id/type/manufacturer information shown? If so, what does it show?

So Unknown Device - then device is not communicating with the controller…

The in the Attributes there isnt a manafacturer or type ID, but it does recognise all the other options (routing slave, power switch binary etc)

Yes, so this indicates that it’s not communicating for some reason. The basic flags you mention actually come from the controller (well, they come from the device when the device is first included into the network - they are then stored on the controller stick, and the binding gets them from there) so it means the binding probably hasn’t actually been able to communicate with the device…

Any idea on something I can try to solve?