Zwave - Habmin2 (Howto)

I’m quite familiar with Habmin1 @OH1. Not i tried to give OH2.2 a chance and see what it’s like, as anyhow support for the old version is starting to become a problem for me as new zwave remote controls are not integrated anymore (at least this is what i heard hear)…whatever…my problem is that i cannot find in Habmin UI any place where i can chance the same settings per zwave device as with Habmin1…

So i guess i miss something, can someone explain me where to go in Habmin UI so i can do the same things i did before in the list of items i had for zwave.

Best regards, Nobert

Editing of a ZWave device configuration is done in the Thing Configuration page. Select the thing from the list, and on the right side of the screen you will have its properties. This should include configuration information, associations etc.

Thanks for the clarification. was disparately looking for the zwave list…