ZWave items do not update in openhab app

Hi guys, it’s me again.
My Fibaro smoke detector (along with some other zwave sensors) are working fine now. If a value changes or an alarm is triggered, it shows instantly up in the classic UI. The problem is, that this does not happen on the app for android.
The values and states just stay the same, until I reload the Group item. Means I have to go back to the main view of the sitemap, and then click again on the group item.

How can I fix this problem? Do I need to add extra parameters to my config?

Excample Item:
Contact Joern_Wohnen_Motion "Motion" <house> (gMotion) { zwave="4:command=sensor_binary,refresh_interval=10" }


If you are on OH 1 this might be related to a know issue where the UIs do not always update when changes in Items or Groups occur on the server. The good news this is fixed in OH 2. The bad news is this will not be fixed in OH 1.

Oh well. Thank you for sharing that information. I think I will update to openhab 2. Many thanks!