ZWave Jasco Device Not in DB


I purchased a Jasco (GE) 34127/ZW5304 Remote that I’m trying to get on v. 3.0M2, but I saw that it’s not in the OpenSmartHouse Database. I saw in a different post from a couple weeks ago, you needed:

First time poster, so hope I’m in the right place. Thanks!

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Thank you for the information. The database is community maintained. Hopefully one of us can do this later this week.

I just tried entering & got a database error. I need to look at this later,

Added to the database here.

Now we need to wait for a database export & a new snapshot binding. I think @chris was going to export sometime today.

Yes, it is done :slight_smile:

Did we miss that export?

No - I think it was included.

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Thanks guys, I’ll give it a run when I get home.

We need to wait for a snapshot build of the binding, manually install it and then delete / re-add the Thing to get it recognized.
The database is part of the binding.

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Easier to update OH to the 2.5.11 snapshot…


Hello - I waited for the next Milestone 3.0M5 but it doesn’t appear to be working for this remote. Did this get added to the database in the Zwave binding or do I need to use a snapshot version?

Should i send over that XML?

Did you delete & re-add the Thing to get the new settings?

I just did a brand new install and then re-added everything for the first time. Controller and Thing.

Looking at GitHub it appears OH2 binding got that update but not OH3.

@chris It appears to me that the ge Thing tree for OH3 had not been updated for a month. the 2.5 one was updated 16 days ago.

Correct - I’ve not done this for a while. I’ll try and do it this weekend.

I’m not sure where you got this from - it was done yesterday I think wasn’t it?


You are looking at the time that these specific files last changed - not when the last database update was made. This is totally different.

Either way I see this device in 2.5 but not in 3.

You should check the pull requests or look at the last update time on the database -:

Yes, of course. As I said I’ve not updated the V3 database for a while. But that does not mean that the 2.5 database was not updated. It was clearly updated 2 days ago - not 16 days.

Sorry - things are very busy for me right now but I’ll do an update in the next few days.