ZWave light switch rule randomly triggered since update to OH 2.4

Sorry I just saw that too in the karaf console. I uninstalled the older version from the console and now the 2.5 version is starting. But sadly the switch still does not work. I’ve updated the log in the link.

Also I’am getting a strange error that a java class is not found, but I can see the class file in the jar file if I rename it to .zip:

Could not load implementation object class org.openhab.binding.zwave.discovery.ZWaveUsbSerialDiscoveryParticipant

Something is clearly wrong with your setup - this class was removed a few months ago. I’d suggest to wait until the binding is updated.

Hi Chris, I now went a different way. I’ve downloaded the 2.4.0 release jar of the ZWave addon and added the new XML using WinRAR. The switch is now working again with the new XML settings. (Maybe it just lost the associations when I removed the Thing)

But sadly the state is still not refreshed when the openhab server is starting. I’ve updated the log on my Dropbox:

Any ideas why the state is not refreshed at startup? (Look for node 38) I also tried sending the REFRESH state some time after the restart and this seams to work on every HAC01 switch. It is just not working automatically when starting up.

Please provide a log showing the initialisation. Please ensure that you delete the thing and add it back again.

This is a log of the initialisation. I stopped the OH service, set the log level to debug and startet the service again. I also deleted and re-added the Thing of node 38 before the restart. I can also see the new parameters in PaperUI in the properties of node 38. I just didn’t re-add the other nodes yet.

Sorry - what node is it for then? I was looking at node 38 - but please let me know the correct node.

Node 38 is correct. Here is a screenshot from PaperUI:

Then please can you restart the binding and initialise the device as this log does not contain the initialisation of node 38. Same procedure as before -:

  • Stop the binding
  • Delete the XML
  • Start the binding

You could always delete the thing before starting if you wanted - just to be sure.

I tried that and this time it worked! Maybe it helped that I deleted the Zwave xml again. I tried this also for all the other switches and now all states are updated during startup. I think this problem is solved. :slight_smile:

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