Zwave Light Switch with Energy Usage

I have a fair amount Leviton Zwave Light Switches and Dimmer Switches, but they do not provide the energy use.

I know their is the Aeotec smart energy micro switch. But those are not quite the same and I guess if I did use them I would be hooking those up to all ‘normal’ light switches with the little micro switch stuffed in the gang box.

So, I’m trying to really find for the future any similar light switches like the existing GE or Leviton switches but also include the energy usage.

Any recommendations?

Fibaro Dimmer is able to do that:

  • Active power and energy metering functionality

But I don’t know any behind the wall switches who are able to measure energy consumption.

Qubino, which in my mind is better than Fibaro, has this on all their products, but like Aeotec, you will need to supply your own switchplate. I would not choose Aeotec right now, at least not their dimmers, since it really only handles incandescent lights, and has very few extra features.

I am really happy with my WiDom Switch. It is ridiculously small and works really well.
Also make shure to check the Philio Relais! I have their motion/door/brightness/temperature sensors and for me these work way better then the aeotec 6-in-1 Stuff! They never cease to amaze me :slight_smile: