Zwave lock user mangement

Before OH3 was released I had migrated a lot of my Zwave devices over to SmartThings simply because it was easier to set up rules and have basic item controls in their app than it was with OH 2.5. It was plug-and-play to an extent OH really hasn’t been. Now, with the improved web interface in OH3 I am migrating everything back over and would really like to ditch Smart Things. The one area that I am having trouble replicating in OH3 is lock management, and specifically entry code management.

We travel a fair bit during normal, non-pandemic times. It is very useful to be able to define a user code in the Smart Things app that will be added to the front and back door locks simultaneously. It is also great to be able to see what the currently-defined codes are for each lock.

Does there exist a lock management add-on or something that could coordinate settings across mutiple locks? The kind of thing a property manager might be interested in (I’m not a property manager).

I can see that codes are assigned in slots on the lock, but can’t see what the code is (it’s all 2A 2A values repeated over and over) so there’s no way to know which is which. Is there a way around that? Since this was set up in ST and migrated to OH the code slots don’t have the labels assigned to them that were assigned in ST.

So really I’m wondering if there is any kind of holistic lock management available for OH or if anyone has found a good methodology for keeping things aligned across their multiple locks.

It may be different from one device to another and I’ve no doubt that there will be cases where because you started with SmartThings perhaps the device didn’t report the codes properly or something like that. I imagine it might not work right if secure inclusion wasn’t performed.

What I would try to do is edit the names and the codes in MainUI and save the updates and see what happens. It should update the device with a new code and now you will have a name to go with it.

As for keeping them aligned, you’ll have to update each lock individually. But you should be able to copy the usercode entries from one lock’s code tab and paste that into the code tab for your other lock.

Hi Rich. Secure inclusion was performed for the lock I migrated over to OH3, confirmed watching the logs. I did run a test where I set one new user code in an empty slot on the lock and assigned a label. I can see the label now, but the new user code still displays as “2A 2A” over and over. The code does work on the door.

Are other people able to read back the codes that are set on the lock? That by itself would be very useful just to be able to communicate to people what their code is if they, say, forget it. And I will forget what they are. :slight_smile:

I’m OK with managing the locks separately. It’s really not a lot of overhead. But was more curious if someone had conquered this already or not. Being able to read the actual codes from the locks would be a big step forward here.

Mine shows the code as entered, though all my codes we entered at the lock, not though OH.

You could add the code to the label.

Good idea!

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