ZWave.Me Keyfob will not update

I have a ZWave.Me keyfob ZME_KFOB, the device installs correctly, all options seem to be present, however I can’t make any modifications, I can’t even change it’s ‘location’, I get an Error 500.

This is what is in the log:

05:12:56.721 [ERROR] [] - Exception during HTTP PUT request for update config at 'things/zwave:device:cfdcce4e:node9/config' for thing 'zwave:device:cfdcce4e:node9': For input string: "org.openhab.binding.zwave.internal.protocol.ZWaveAssociationGroup@da0168"

Any ideas?

Which version of OH are you running, and if you are running the newest, have you ever run an older version?

I thought this bug was fixed a long time ago and I can’t immediately see the problem in the binding but I’ll take another look.

I’ve found an issue in the master branch that was fixed in development version. I’m not 100% sure that it’s what’s causing this, but it is certainly a contributor.

This will likely require you to delete the thing to remove the current configuration from the database… Let me know if it helps.

Thanks chris,

Running OpenHab2 (I put that in the tags), it is 2.1.0 Release build. The install is brand new on a rPi3.

It’s worth mentioning that this issue isn’t limited to the fob, updating nodes for me is a bit like a lottery, sometimes it works, other times you get this 500 error, the fob, however, refuses to update.

Before I got my Pi, I used the desktop version, and the fob wouldn’t update there either, but if you think removing it and re-adding it will help, I will give that a try.

Do I need to update my software now? I don’t really understand how those github notices work, or what they mean.

** UPDATE **

Ok, before I went though the tedious task of re-adding the fob, updating my rules, etc, I thought I would try habMin (I usually use paperUI, because it requires no sitemap, and I don’t really understand how the other UIs work).

It works, now I have double clicks on my fob working (giving me 16 scene triggers! Woop!).

Would appear this is a paperUI issue?

Yes - it’s an issue with the handling of association status updates, so is a general issue.

Yes, you need to update to the latest snapshot version to get this…

The issue will not be apparent in HABmin as HABmin only updates parameters that you change where PaperUI sends all parameters every time it saves the information which is bad news for ZWave devices (which is why I don’t recommend using it at the moment).

Anyway, glad it’s working :slight_smile: .

Thanks chris.

Ok, silly question, how do I update? I always assumed the software updated automatically, clearly this isn’t the case, is there any way to make it do so?

If you are using the snapshot version, then you simply need to uninstall the binding, wait 30 seconds, and install it again. This can be done through PaperUI.