Zwave Migration 2.1

I’m migrating from OH1.9 to 2.1…some questions/issues:

  • As i start with the old items file, i found out that its important to use the zwave-1 binding. Does it also make sense to enable zwave-2 in parallel, so both bindings. do the cooperate somehow?

  • what if both bindings are ON, and i access the same zwave device from both bindings…so simply via items file and in parallel via GUI and via the zwave-2 binding? does this smoothly work?

Same valid question for Astro e.g. coexisting or better go to Astro-2 and rewrite the rules?

Thanks for clarification

If you are using the OH1 items files, then yes, you need the zwave-1 binding.

No - you can’t run both bindings together.

I’m not sure I follow - do you have 2 controllers?

Generally, I would not expect you to need, or require to use the OH1 binding in OH2 - it’s likely to cause problems if you have it running.

hm…then i may have done something wrong:

Following situation. Migration from OH1.9 via text items file.
As long as zwave2 binding is enabled i can see in the inbox all 35 zwave devices with default naming (not my item-names from my text file). In Classic UI i can see my zwave items (from text file)…BUT all with “–” so no values showing up. Also in the logs i do see nothing updating.

As soon as i install in parallel!!! OH1 binding for zwave…it starts working, like sending values…so, confused with your message above. As with OH2 binding nothing works except that i see the inbox full of new potentila zwave things…but not my text-based items updating…when having both in parallel it works as it should…

But I’m fully with you, i would prefer to only have OH2 binding of zwave…So, my question - do you have any idea what i did wrong that with OH2-only binding nothing updates form my migrated textfile zwave items?

Thanks, Norbert

It looks like you are effectively running OH1 - not OH2. If you have configured OH1 items, then it will only work with the OH1 binding. If you use the OH2 binding, then you need to configure the items totally differently or use PaperUI or HABmin to do it - the OH1 items files will not work.

OK Chris, hope i get this right now…

  • In order to run OH1 items files with zwave devices -> only zwave-1 binding will work.
  • it is not possible to run zwave-1 and zwave-2 binding in parallel (as I do)…at least not recommended.
  • if i want to do PaperUI thing/item configuration of all new zwave devices I have to ONLY use zwave-2 binding…

But here is my problem, how should i ever move on towards zwave-2…as finally i will have to manually change all to paper UI or thing/item configuration…as both things will not cooperate…old existing devices in zwave-1 binding and all new in parallel on the same machine in zwave-2…

I know i seem to have big wishes…at least my naive idea was that i could work that way…i only guess the docs should be more clear as if someone is only looking into future like 2.0+ it means the long run you have to get rid of the old items files and redo all devices from there into the things/items style…


Correct - OH1 definitions only work with the OH1 binding.

This is not possible - you say you are doing this, but unless you have two sticks, each connected to a different version of the binding, it won’t work. You can’t have the two different bindings connecting to the same serial port.

You CAN have the two bindings loaded in the system - but only one will do anything.

You can only edit OH2 item/thing definitions through PaperUI/HABmin.

Yes - you will need to change everything. This is unavoidable - you are changing to a new system.

Again, you can not run the two bindings together unless you are using two different controllers. Maybe this is what you have, in which case you should be able to make this work. However, if you only have a single stick, then you can only use a single binding.

OH1 and OH2 are very different in their concepts. In OH1, we have items, and with items you define the binding (so in ZWave terms, you link the item to a command class). In OH2, there are channels - and you need to link the item to channels. If you are moving to the OH2 binding, then you need to a new configuration.

Chris, Thanks for your patience and clarification.

sure that was also my thought that both will have troubles to communicate to the same serial port (only one stick in place). at least both are installed, both do have the same serial port in settings…but only the OH1 instance does have items configured…so i guess as soon as i would try in parallel to configure zwave devices i would run into troubles.