Zwave Motion sensor

I have a Philio PST02-4A-AU. The Motion channel shows as the following;

This then shows three states - Ok/Alarm/No Motion

I can see this changing in Habmin but how do I translate that into an item and sitemap?

Contact seems not to work as this is only two states?

@chris is the channel correct? The other sensors are all sensor_luminance (for example).

It should be two states only for a binary device.

Im not sure where I got no motion from no I look I only ever see OK and Alarm - this is OK in HabMin so I assume the device is set up correctly from the zwave side - is it still a contact item as normal? (i am not sure why I can see state changes in Habmin but not in any other UI

It looks like it’s a switch as required by ESH.-:

Because HABmin displays the states that are provided in the channel, and I guess other UIs don’t implement this.

Thanks Chris - I will keep working on it.