ZWave multiple Z-Sticks Inclusion

Since I have quite a few secure devices I had the genius idea of using 2 zsticks in openhab: 1 for secure and 1 non-secure. The idea was then if I added more secure devices into the network at a later date it would be easier because after I include a non-secure device I can’t include secure devices anymore.

I’m running into the problem where I’d like to be able to only send 1 stick into inclusion mode… Anyone have any ideas?

This isn’t possible. It’s something I’ve raised with ESH, but I don’t expect a solution any time soon. Your other option would be to remove one stick to ensure that the inclusion only worked with the remaining stick.

Thanks @chris. Happy to do it that way if that’s the only way to do it.

Apart from that issue is there any problems running 2 zsticks in openhab?

No - not really. The only issue that has been reported is that logging is a little confusing as there’s nothing to indicate which network the node is on. Otherwise it should work fine and I know people are using this with multiple sticks.