Zwave Network not updating neighbours / missing heal

Hi there,

I have a medium zwave network with OH2 and using a Aeon G5 stick as controller. Everything is OK - but one of my wired QNAP switches are a bit at the outer reach of the network: Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it does not react or takes forever to turn on the light.

I just recently installed a new relay to control my blinds. Also a QNAP and also wired. This one is definately in reach of my other devices and controller and also works fine. It is however also in the middle of the distance to my outer lightswitch wich works sluggishly or not at all…

This seems strange to me. The devices have been in their current position now for a few weeks, and should have healed/updated themselves by now.

I notice however, that all the neighbouring/meshing is not correct at all, when I look at the individual devices and also the mesh network in Habmin. A (wired) device which is right next to another wired device does not show as its neighbourgh and so on.

How can I force this to update - and to get my overall meshing more correctly working ? It does not seem to fix this by itself…

(otherwise happy with OH2 and Zwave)

Currently heal is not run automatically in the master branch. This has been added in the development branch that is under test only.

I would ignore the graph as it’s not reliable - if you really have a problem rather than just thinking the graph looks wrong, then I’d suggest to look at the development branch -:

OK - I will try it out. Meanwhile, are there any ways/tools which can create a trustworthy map of the mesh ?

And what about the neighboring - should I equally ignore that these dont seem to be correct/updated in Habmin ?

HABmin provides the ability to map the network.

With the development binding, it should be correct - with the current binding, we don’t update the list, so yes, I would ignore it unless you are actually having problems with the mesh.