ZWAVE new Fibaro motion sensor not working


I’m using openHAB with 2.4 stable release and the latest (2.5er) zwave snapshot binding.
Unfortunately my new Fibaro FGMS001 Motion Sensor (build 03/2019) is not recognized even though I woke it up x times already. I use others of this type which work perfectly.
I guess the new model is not yet in the database. The working one has following data:
Hersteller 010f Fibargroup
Typ-Kennzeichen: 0801:1002
Firmeware-Version 3.3

Thanks for help in advance

This device is already in the database - are you sure you really are using a recent 2.5 binding, and your system is still not using 2.4?

Sorry it was all my fault, I was looking at the wrong node id, one which I had added before which is not in the database. But now I can’t access the setting of the motion sensor in HABmin, the configuration parameters section is not displayed?