Zwave / New repeater / is a heal necessary?

Hi guys,

since one of my Danfoss thermostats doesn’t operate normaly (node is sometimes offline for the controller), I very much think this is related to a range problem. Therefore I want to put a repeater (Aeon range extender) in between.

My question: Is it enough to include the extender and once it is included, does the mesh network “sort things out” for itself and the thermostat uses the new route via the extender automatically?

Or do I have to run a network heal? If so, my last information is that the heal function in the binding is disabled at the moment. So for the case that a heal is necessary for this to work, what can I do? Do I have to exclude the thermostat, delete the node, and then include it again so that the device can directly use the route via extender?

Yes, it will sort itself out on its own.

I think by default, the binding does a heal every night on its own also.

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