ZWAVE-NODE 2: No database entry: Leviton [ID:30b,Type:202]

I decided to work on Gen5 Stick and openhab but my only device with me is a Leviton Scene Capable Device Dimmer.

NODE 2: No database entry: Leviton [ID:30b,Type:202]

When I check the ZWave database, it’s missing and I can’t find the XML file to add it. (Node 1 is the Z-Stick.)
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ls -la /var/lib/openhab/zwave/ -rw-r--r-- 1 openhab openhab 1166 Feb 2 09:26 node1.xml

Can someone suggest how to add this to the database so I can continue? It shows up as Node 2/grey in habmin.

I can recommend the wiki as a good place to start -:

This has links to the resources (data formats etc) - it’s definitely best if you can add the device yourself, otherwise open an issue for it…

I’m stuck.
I expanded the 1.8 wave-binding jar I’m using and found Leviton VRPD3-1LW in the current database. I believe my older Leviton VRP03-1LW is essentially the same thing.

I was going to copy the vrpd3-1lw.xml and simply change the Manufactuer Id and Device Id and try it but I don’t see anything in the xml file to distinguish this model from any model.

I hate to open an issue for an old product. Any suggestions?

The type/id are specified in the products.xml file - this is what you need to change, not the other file.

Please either open an issue, or provide a PR - otherwise it won’t get updated. It’s fine if you want to modify your own copy for testing, but we need to update the database for everyones benefit - otherwise you will have a nightmare each time you want to update your binding.