Zwave node changes

Upon power failure to a particular node, when the power comes back on, the node comes back as a different number.

Eg. Starts as node 2, power failure, comes back as node 3.

Any way to prevent this?

Aeon zstick Gen 5, leviton lamp plug dimmer.

This shouldn’t be possible. The node should only change address if you re-include it into the system. If this was a newly included node, then maybe it got included twice and you got confused? It certainly shouldn’t just change address and I’ve not seen this with any of my 45 nodes in the past 4 years of using zwave.

I’ll try it again on a clean install, but it did it to me 3x.

Well, all I can say is it shouldn’t do this. If the node changes its identity each time you cycle the power, then it’s not usable (as you have no doubt found!). Possibly the device is faulty?

On another note…

Is is possible in OH1 to assign a node to an item just by clicking the node, or will this be possible in OH2? Or do I have to add the zwave=x:command=x in the items file?

I’m not sure what you mean - nodes are always defined by the controller.

The item definitions in OH2 will be automatic though if that’s what you mean?

I mean, if I have an item, say a light and I’m assigning a dimmer module to it, say node 3, can I assign it to the item without editing the item file?

No - not in OH1. In OH2 it’s all a bit different and you won’t have to manually edit these files… It probably will do what you want…

Is it work as of now, if so, I’ll go over to OH2. As for install, can only have one habmin jar file at a time, correct?

No - it’s not available right now for OH2 binding - soon :smile:

And yes, you can only have 1 HABmin jar file in the addons folder.

Ok, thanks…good work by the way…when might soon be? Don’t worry, won’t hold you to it.

How do I change the date in OH1. Its showing universal time, not my local time. I checked the pi via raspi-config, and it is set correctly.

I, too, enjoy Chris’s work on zwave in Openhab.

One question I have is around the status of security class. I know there was some initial work, but I am not sure how far it got.

Is there a way to force controller to change the node ID? I had a tidy setup with node ids nicely grouped by function, but after excluding/re-including some of them they are not ordered anymore.

You would need to exclude and reinclude, but then you get the next number. There’s no way to set a nodeId to the value of your choosing.