Zwave node not working in PaperUI but Channel of node work in rule

Hi all,
after discovery I can see a Node in PaperUI (I#m not shure if the new UI has this name… if not sorry) and work with it.
It is a Fibaro Wall Plug FGWP101


after unplug and plug it back i get the information in PaperUI - see pict 1 above - that there is a communication error and i can not use the node by GUI - pic 2 with slider above

But I have created a rule (old rules) that power the device on or (secound rule OFF) triggered by time (cron)

the rule:

rule “Schnarch AN”

Time cron “0 30 23 * * ? *”

sendCommand(Schnarch_Fib_FGP101, ON)
sendBroadcastNotification(“Schnarch_Fib_FGP101, ON - cron”)
logInfo(“Schnarch.rules”, “Schnarch_Fib_FGP101 AN”)

The device “Schnarch_Fib_FGP101” is defined by textual items file:
Switch Schnarch_Fib_FGP101 “Schnarch [%s]” <poweroutlet_eu> (gruppeSz,PowerSwitche) [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“zwave:device:1cda3a11c1:node2:switch_binary” }
with the channel which is presented in PaperUI for the wall plug:

The rules works!
When I run these rules by PapaerUI using the “blue play button”

it also work.
So question is why is the device (node)/ thing marked with “communication error” and the slider don´t work while the communication channel of the switch is working in rules?
And what must I do to bring PaperUI back to work or fix the communication error?
System details at the end

Thanks for any help
Excuse my english and maybe the wrong top underneath i put this post

  • Platform information:

openhabian 1.6.2

Tinkerboard 2GB RAM

Debian Buster


UID: zwave:device:1cda3a11c1:node2
label: “Z-Wave Node 002: FGWP101 Metered Wall Plug Switch”
thingTypeUID: zwave:fibaro_fgwp101_00_000
config_51_2: 500
config_52_1: 6
config_50_2: 300
config_70_2: -1
group_1: []
- controller
group_2: []
config_16_1: 1
config_39_2: 600
config_34_1: 63
config_35_1: 0
config_42_1: 15
config_63_1: 1
config_43_1: 30
config_60_2: 25000
config_61_1: 1
config_62_1: 8
config_40_1: 80
binding_pollperiod: 8640
action_heal: false
config_1_1: 1
config_49_1: 0
config_45_1: 10
config_47_2: 3600
node_id: 2
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:1cda3a11c1

Hi all,

after a longer downtime the error is gone and now the system shows: device online - see pic

and openhab works as all the versions since 2.0: it shows “online” and does not work neither in “GUI” nor in “rules”.
Unfortunatly OH3 is in this case not a functional improvemnet.
What a pitty I expected here a substantial performance change.

Maybe in the future

So conclusion of the top: systems beheviour change so an solution is not needed because problem is not reproducible and exist anymore


PS what to do to close a TOP? I don´t know…