Zwave Node Parameters - strange settings OH3

Hi, i’m on OH3.2, recently started my migration (no update, clear installation).
First, what i really miss is the great detailed helping information per zwave parameter, that was very good @OH2.5…like for some parameters it was clearly written what values are possible and what it means if i put a 0, 1, … now there is still some informative text but its not clear what values can be set and what they mean, so again you need to see the manual, and that was not required in OH2.5…

But now to my major question…is this normal or a bug? 2 zwave things with same model show the “Watt Meter Report Period” but i only see a DISABLE…but no field where i could set multiples of 5s? (@chris

Thanks Norbert

The database exports are exactly the same between OH 2.5 and OH 3.1 - I guess that your issue is really with the way the UI presents the information. I guess you have to refer to the manual or the OH documentation which is exported for each device from the database.

This was an error in the database for this device - I’ve now fixed this.


what is the “correct” way to “clean” migrate from one OH2.5 instance to another OH3 instance…I simply moved the Gen5 Stick to the OH3 instance and did a scan for linked devices.
(was asking myself if it helps/requires to remove all from the stick and re-pair all devices to the stick - which is lots of work…but maybe this does not help at all)

What i see now a lot…as soon as i try to configure my zwave things, when pressing SAVE i see most of the time RED marked parameters that show that something is set out of range… like -1 if it should be beetween 0-65535.

So its strange as i did not even touch these parameters but they are loaded that way but saving is not possible as its out of range…

Is this “normal”…as it takes lots of time when opening a zwave thing and in the end i have to fix all the out of range problems loaded and not even set by myself.

Kind Regards

No - this doesn’t help at all - I would discourage doing this :slight_smile:

What you have done is fine. There is an “advanced” step that you could do and that is to copy over the userdata/zwave folder which contains all the XML files. This will mean that the binding doesn’t need to rescan devices and will speed up initialisation (especially of battery devices).

Without looking at specifics it’s hard to comment. This is however a slightly messy area in ZWave as the spec defines that all parameters should be signed (so for example -127 to +127) but we often see manufacturers documents, and therefore the database, asking to use values like 255, which in a 1 byte signed value is just not possible.

I think in OH3 the UI is more strict than previously which is why you strike these problems.