Zwave node showing unknown device


I am developing z-wave gateway on openhab. But I am little confused. Actually I am using sigma design z-wave module. I install z-wave binding and add node. Node is showing showing unknown device and channels are not show under the node. So I am confused. So any one can tell me what should I do?


Developing (As is writing code) or Deploying (As installing hardware)?

Writing code

Me too.
There is already a very mature zwave binding. Why are you re-inventing the wheel?

I am not reinventing it. When I add z wave node. It showing unknown device or channel are also not showing.

Right, so you are not developing a gateway
You are trying to install a device and it is not recognised by the binding

Change the title of your post like this:
[ZWAVE] Device name and ID unknown device

You need to check if your device is in the binding list:

If is not in the list then it can be added:

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Can you put the ACTUAL device name and ID in the title…
A bit of common sense will help tremendously here

Thanks @vzorglub
I want to ask I want to test my device whether is it working or not with openhab before adding in database.Actually I want to ask how to test on habmin.Someone suggest me before adding in database test this on habmin.It is for testing purpose so further what the next step because on habmin it is also same as like on openhab.

You can’t test it unless it’s on the database

HABmin is an openHAB interface. You can’t do what you are asking without adding the device to the database.