ZWave Node XML Files

Hello, I know this has been discussed a little bit, but I have some questions about the node xml files. First, a little context:

I run my OH instance on a RPi3 (not openhabian), in the official Openhab Docker container. I use a script to grab the zwave and jsondb config directories from userdata, compress them, and export them from the container. From there, I’m able to commit the configs to source control, and keep them versioned. Because of this, I redeploy my installation every time I make a config change. I didn’t know about the xml files until well after having set up this workflow. Because of this, only about half of my zwave devices have node files generated.

As I understand it, this will just cause the binding to have to regenerate that data upon installation, but there shouldn’t be any other issues as a result of this. However, I’d like to now recreate those files so that I can commit them. The weird thing is that the files I DO have were generated automatically without me doing anything special, but there are still a bunch of nodes missing them. One question I have is, should all zwave devices have a node xml file? Or do some devices not create them?

Another issue I’m having is that the Habmin Zwave Network Viewer is showing several of the nodes as not connected to anything. I was hoping wondering if missing node files might be causing this? And if so, would I be able to define which nodes each device should be connected to?

Thanks for your help.

There should be an xml file for every one of your nodes. The binding creates these files after completing initialization (initialization involves the binding querying the node for information about its command classes, associations, config parameters, etc.).

Battery-powered devices may take a while (one or more wake-up cycles) to complete initialization. You can speed this process up by manually waking up the device.

What version of openHAB are you running? Prior to 2.4, this was not reliable. Also, and assuming you are on 2.4, the heal process runs every day at 2 AM, so you might want to wait until after that process runs to view the network map.

I’m currently on 2.3.0, but was waiting to square away some issues like the xml issue before upgrading. Maybe I should go ahead and upgrade first.

Please review this before you upgrade.