zWave Node1/Controller has no neighbours OH3.1.0.M4

I have an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 stick. Recently I added a new node (Node16/battery device → Sensative contact). Therefore I activated the nightly heal (which was disabled because the zWave network has not had changes for a long time).

Before the nightly heal, the network map in OH3 showed me all devices including the controller (Node1).
After the nightly heal, the controller has disappeared in the network map. Therefore I activated the debug log and waited for the next nightly heal.

Btw, the devices are reporting their states to the controller. Also the new Node 16 is working fine. It reports OPEN/CLOSED, battery state and tamper alarm.

In the nightly heal log I can see the controller has several Neighbor update FAILED messages and finally it does not report any neighbour(s).

I can also see a unknown Node255 in the debug log which is unknown to me.
I updated a few month ago from OH2.5 to OH3 and I don’t know if I had performed a heal on OH3 or not.

The zwave network seems to work, but it looks strange to me if the controller does not show any neighbours.

Here are the log files, the heal is at 03:11-03:16 in file openhab.log.6

I connected the Controller to a PC and checked the nodes → I cannot see NODE255 as listed in the DEBUG output from OH.

I think 255 is used for a broadcast to all nodes. @robmac could verify that.

Thanks Bruce, makes sense
Then the remaining question is, why does the heal not add some neighbours to the controller. As the zWave network seems to work, because I get all the state updates (in both ways, means query & update) in OH3.

That may be a good question for @chris . I am not well versed in the inner workings of Z-Wave. I do know the neighbour list & routing decisions to the controller are different things.

Node 255 is just an internal binding issue - you can ignore it.

I can’t really comment on this - the controller should add all the nodes that it can hear so long as the signal is reasonable. I have no idea what your network looks like, so it’s hard to tell - in the log you provided in the image, there is only node 1 - I’m unable to download the files that you have provided, but if really all these logs are for the heal, then there is possibly something wrong as there’s really a huge amount of data.

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Thanks Chris
The logs from the heal are in openhab.log.6
I added the whole logs just incase …

I don‘t know why you are not able to download it. You are the first one which is having issues. Tell me where I can put the file (it is 16MB).

@chris: would be great if you can have a look to the heal process. Also last nights heal ended in the same (no neighbors found for Controller).
I published the log from last nights heal here:

@chris any findings so far?