Zwave nodes don't map to existing things after re-adding the controller thing

For troubleshooting I removed my controller Thing from my OH 3.0.1 web UI yesterday.
When i added a “new” controller it got a new ID.

Now all my Zwave things show as “Error:Bridge” only the “new” controller (which is the same hardware as before) shows as Online.

Looking at the Inbox all nodes seem to be picked up - though not as existing but as new items. I concluded this might be an issue because the name of most things have a common prefix which might be the old controller ID.
I suspect that the ID of the controller changed and now my existing things are still looking for my old controller ID. Is there any way to change that mapping without the need to recreate all things and their mappings to items?

(without restoring the things backup)

Unless you changed it, the “new” controller has a new ThingID. That means the nodes will have new IDs too.

On the rare occasion when I have deleted & re-added a controller I copied the old ID first and set the new Thing to that same ID to avoid the problem you now have.

You will need to relink all your Items based on the new Thing IDs.

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Thanks - after re-adding the controller with the old ID, which was listed as prefix in all old zwave things, everything mapped well again.

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